Title? Meh

I used to believe my time management was spot on. Everything seemed within an arm’s reach, impeded only by my willpower and occasionally a desultory attitude. Poor young me, falling for traps like that is for the naive and credulous! I think know I can do better than this.

Naturally I’d want to change something about my habits and end this unabating love for procrastination. When moments of impending laziness arise, there is usually very little resistance on my behalf. It’s time I took a more systematic approach towards life. To hell with hastily doing a half-assed job right before the deadline. Time to set some priorities.

This blog will serve as a catalogue of my thoughts, projects, ideas and content that I wish to organise and will likely refer back to down the line. At least I hope so, if I remember to use it. Perhaps this is the start of something new.

And with that said, my brain just 86’d a solid closing thought that I had, so take this anticlimactic ending as a lesson to always write things down if they’re too important to forget.